Monday, November 4, 2013

Mission Clean up
Target: Refrigerator
It's one of those things, you use it so much you forget it needs to be cleaned!  Sounds familiar? 
That's right... I am talking about THE REFRIGERATOR
Well girlfriend, pull your sleeves up and get your gloves on we are going to clean this thing.
I am going to say this laud and clear ~ EMPTY IT ALL OUT!!  yes your heard me THE WHOLE THING.  You will be surprise what you find back there and all the expired food "aaawwgh"
This is a good opportunity for you to CHANGE some of your eating habits, get rid of some junk food and replace it with good healthy foods.
Mission Clean Up: Step 2
Wipe clean all the shaves and walls.  Use soapy water instead of toxic sprays. 
Mission Clean Up: Step 3
Wash your fruits and veggies. I have a special homemade recipe I use you can find it on my blog To make like easier, cut your veggies, slice them the way you like to cook so that when you are busy during the week they are all washed and cut already! 
Mission Clean Up: Step 4
Organization is the key to an easier life! that goes for everything folks, your fridge.. no different!  re-use the containers you get from restaurants, label them. Ziplock bags works too!  You will be amazed how much you can fit when you use these organizational skills and the best part is YOU CAN SEE AND EASILY GRAB EVERYTHING!!
Now that my refrigerator is clean, and I hope yours is too :) let's give ourselves a well deserved rest or a treat!
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