Saturday, September 7, 2013

Learn to let go of Anger

  You heard the story of the psychiatrist who raised a glass of water and asked how heavy the glass was ... right?  Some said 8oz some said 20oz, the psychiatrist then said "it doesn't matter, what matters is how long you are going to hold it".   If you hold it for a minute it won't matter, if you hold it for an hour your arm will start to hurt but if you hold it for a day your arm will feel numb and paralyzed. Whether you hold it for a minute, an hour or a day, the weight of the glass is the same the difference is in how long you will hold it.

  The psychiatrist in the story was trying to illustrate the effect of negative feelings we carry in our heart. The longer we hold on to it the more debilitating it can be.

  Letting go of something that's bothering isn't always easy.  The sooner we master this ability the more we can enjoy life and our loved ones.  Letting go doesn't mean compromising yourself. There is a very fine line in between , almost always close to invisible. A mid point.  Where your mind accepts what is for whatever reason and is then able to move on.

  How do you get to that fine line?  Like everything else you will need to take some steps.  First is to give yourself the time you need to feel what is in your heart. Cry if you need to. Anger is powerful so is tears, let some anger melt away. Listen to your heart beat, as it slows down your body gets ready for the next step.  Now that some anger has melted away some are still in you attached to your emotional cloud storming around your head. PUT THAT DARK CLOUD ASIDE FOR A MOMENT!  You are not ignoring it, you are simply going to give your rational brain a chance to speak.

  Anger can be like two siblings in the middle of a disagreement, wouldn't you give them both a chance to speak? Now you are following me!   Go back and forth if you have to and listen to both reasons and excuses.  THERE IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND THE LINE BETWEEN ANGER AND RESONANCE.

  You have now my friend found the point where you can let go of what's holding you back from being simply wonderfully YOU. At this point you have the choice to hold on to it or let go.   In some cases holding on can mean moving on. You don't necessarily keep it but rather you take that and move on with it, using it in your benefit.

  Which ever may be, it should bring up the best of you.  Get up, take a deep breath and walk away a better person. Feel proud of yourself for you are better and stronger. You've just accomplished a wonderful thing!

  Life gives us all difficult moments, no one is excused. Use it as a ladder to climb to a higher place.

  ~ Ribas with Love ~

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