Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Eating Healthy Meals on the GO

Heading to work without your meals to go?
I never leave my house without my bag. What is in it? well, that's the fun part. Each day I bring a variety of foods that were home prepared. Also including fruits, nuts and healthy snacks. I tend to buy the seasonal fruits and veggies a lot which gives me an opportunity to eat a huge variety throughout the year!

The benefits hmm... where do I start?...

 1. The health benefits: No food that you buy out there is better than your home made meals, keeping in mind a light colorful rich diet of organic foods. Most places you buy food from will add a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy items to your foods, like lots of salt, sugar and preservatives 


 2. The financial benefits: It's cheaper... that simple!! Buy what's in season. Freeze berries if you hit a big sale (for smoothies, etc...) Fruits and vegetables are generally inexpensive. So buy lots of those.

 3. The "staying out of temptation" benefit: Yes that's right... It is soooo much easier to stay healthy and fit if you don't get out there with a hungry tummy (in another words vulnerable), your tendency at that point will be to grab the first easy quick choice >> FAST FOOD :( just stay in your cocoon with your healthy choice!

 4. Not to mention the X-tra benefits of: saving on gas and time!!


 well, I could go on and on and on.... but lets stop here.

What to do?

Make extra dinner every night so you can take the left over to work. Pack yourself a nice bag containing your meal, a salad or soup, fruits and snacks. Nuts make a great snack!

Was it very easy in the beginning? NOOOOOO!!!
But just like everything else you adapt to this new reality or shall I say CHOICE of being a BETTER and HEALTHIER YOU!

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