Friday, November 29, 2013

Spinach Spaghetti with Sardines

Have you experienced those days when you just don't know what you want to eat? Okay... keep reading... you are hungry but not really... your are not cooking for others, its just you, so you think about skipping dinner all together but you know that's not a good idea.  YES, WE ALL HAVE!!
My suggestion is to make-it-fun!!!  open all your cabinets and see if anything appeals to you right away, if it does, stick with your gut feeling (always do!)
So this is what came up to me :)
Sardines and Spinach Spaghetti!!!!
The next step is to create something fun and yummy off course.  Add your favorite spices, veggies, greens that you can find in your fridge.
I boiled the pasta as instructed in the package.  Next using my favorite pan (cast iron) I sprayed coconut oil. 
Now I added my favorite picks; artichoke, Brussels sprouts and sardines!
This is the result of my 10 minute put together dinner for one!
I am impressed and so excited, I was able to turn around my "maybe-dinner-maybe-skip-it" dilemma into a wonderful delicious and nutritious dinner!
The big reason why I wanted to blog my "dinner dilemma" is because of a couple reasons: 1. We all go thru this one day or another and is NOT A GOOD IDEA TO SKIP MEALS, your metabolism works best if there are no ups and downs (by that I mean one day you eat enough to feed a small army the next day you decide to starve... no no bad idea!).  Keep your meals consistent my friend.  2. Dinner doesn't have to be a half day preparation thing... I mean, it can be and when it is - IS FUN :) but it doesn't have to. You should be able to come up with a simple and nutritional meal in 10 -15 minutes.  3. Make it fun! enjoy what you do when you do.  We seem to have forgotten how to enjoy the simple things, the wonderful smells, tastes and colors.  We go about doing our daily things but our mind is either in the past or the future.  Live now! that's all we have... NOW!  So yes, have fun next time you are having a "dinner-dilemma" :)
Love ~ Hugs ~ Peace
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