Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Release Stress


This is a subject that never seem to loose its place on top researches, people talk about it all over the world, we don't seem to have had enough. Besides the point of understanding stress we mostly need to learn how to deal with stress specially since it can't be avoided at one point or another, and for some people it is a constant issue. 
 The word stress represents a state of mental or emotional strain or tension.  Since we can't avoid stress in our lives it is time to grasp the concept and learn how to deal with it (and release) stress for once and for all!
Our mind is a very powerful tool! be aware of this and don't think of it in any way less than what is.  Our mind holds the key to all healing.  Once you can understand this concept and start understanding the way it works, you are better able to help yourself. 
So how do we take that and put into practice?  SIMPLE! First is step is to keep this in mind:
~ You have within you all you need to heal yourself to be the best and the happiest that you have ever been ~
Here are a few tools to help release stress:
Eating and exercising I could not start without this very important step.  The first step to a healthy mind is a healthy body (balance).  Eating the right foods and daily exercises will keep your "shell" nice and healthy so that you can enjoy life.  My grandmother always said: "our health is everything" so true!  
Relationships... stay connected to the people around you.  All relationships are important. Researches show that when you talk to your friends and loved ones it releases stress. Whenever possible make some physical contact, sometimes a touch or a hug can be miraculous! 
Nature is empowering! If you follow my facebook page you are familiar with my "hug a tree" posts :) For me a walk barefoot, hugging a tree, the smells (scents) and sounds of nature has an incredible power to release stress. There is a "grounding" feeling that center us in to the universe which help us understand that there are things much bigger and powerful than our worries. I also find gardening very therapeutic (I placed it under the same subject but is a slight different option).  I grew my first garden this summer and cannot say enough how rewarding this experience was.  If you are thinking I wouldn't know where to start, I have a post on ~ How to Grow your Own Greens.  Everyone who practices this has said no different.
Pets! walking and cuddling with your pet can be very calming. The warmth of such friendship can bring joy and therefore be a form of releasing stress.  Next time stress knocks on your door take the dog for a walk, talk to your pet!
Cooking... yes cooking! we all need to eat so why not make it fun and relaxing!  for me the earthy smell when you cut up greens (cilantro..hmm) the pleasure of preparing a meal, feeding your family and yourself, the satisfying feeling after a home prepared healthy meal can certainly take away some the stress I might be going thru.  The point is to do something you enjoy and that can take your mind off of the worrisome thoughts. Ex: (fishing, playing ball, cleaning, fixing, etc...)
Generosity There is something very comforting about being generous.  The fact that you can take your attention away from yourself and whatever you are going thru and put it into something (or someone) else is great!  Generosity is a great exercise for the heart.  We always have something to give, whether in monetary form, time, food, attention, love or many other ways.
Yoga and Meditation last but not least, these two have been used in one way or another for centuries.  Different cultures have used meditation to heal and to find peace.  Yoga is also very empowering, to practice it on a daily basis can bring self awareness, ability to concentrate on the breath and to get centered.  We are much more prone to find the right solution when we can calm our rapid thoughts, break it down into parts and pieces and than create a structured solution (a plan) to deal with the stress you are going thru.
This is my personal list on how to deal with stress.  The key is to find the right tools to CONTROL the stress that comes in.  It's all about the way you respond to things.  Notice how some people never seem have a fall? others never seem to be able to get up? is it luck? NOT LIKELY! In fact luck seem to play a very small roll into our lives.  The difference is in our response. 
I hope this post gave you some good and helpful ideas.  I think these should be practiced on a daily basis to AVOID stress or prevent it from coming to us fast and strong much like a cold.  
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~Ribas with Love
"The same wind blows on us all, the difference in where you arrive in one year, three years, five years, the difference in arrival is not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail" -Jim Rohn

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