Monday, July 15, 2013

List of fruits and veggies that contains the highest amounts of water




Summer days are finally here and as we all look for ways to cook off (and hopefully you will!), there is only so much we can do to keep cool during the work days, right?  So I searched for the most cooling fruits and veggies you can eat.  These fruits and vegetable contain the highest amounts of water, which will keep your body hydrated and it will give you a cooler sensation from inside out J


 Here is the list:


FRUITS                                          VEGETABLES

                          Watermelon                                   Broccoli
                          Strawberry                                      Celery
                          Raspberry                                       Cauliflower
                          Pineapple                                        Cabbage
                          Orange                                            Lettuce
                          Grapefruit                                       Radish
                          Cantaloupe                                      Tomato
                          Apple                                               Zucchini


I am a big fan of ~ MEAL PLANNING ~ (as you can see in my other blog posts Meal Plan and Meal Plan 2) as you start your work day, prepare a variety of these fruits and veggies to snack on during the day.  This will keep you healthy and cool!  ... and hopefully as the weekend arrives you can cool off by the OcEaN or PoOl !!

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~ Ribas with Love ~



Friday, July 12, 2013

How to grow your own greens

~ How to Grow your Own Greens ~

I always say: "if it's green and it grows... than it's good for you" 
So why not grow your own garden!!
Don't worry you are NOT the only one who: 1. doesn't have enough time 2. doesn't have the experience 3. doesn't have the space 4. doesn't have the budget... and the list goes on and on...  added by our unconscious fear of FAILURE :(
I say "unconscious" because most of us have this constant fear of failure which keeps us from going forward with new projects, ideas, opportunities and even relationships.  Without jumping too far from the subject, lets start by ACCEPTING that we are here to try, and learn and make mistakes and try again ... its wonderful

Here is everything you need to know to get started
1.  Growing your own greens does NOT require a lot of time.  On Saturday I went shopping for what I needed. Be sure to pick your favorites veggies and spices!!  On Sunday I planted everything in small pots (as seen in picture above).  I kept those small pots inside the house under a lamp or near a window for about 6-8 weeks.  If you are going to use a lamp for light and heat be sure to turn it off at night, plants much like yourself also need some zzz's.  After that you just need to water it as needed and eventually weather permitted you can transfer them into larger pots or outside (and keep the watering job!)
2.  You do NOT need to be an expert! you will learn as you go... You should be able to get a lot of help from the internet and bloggers ~ like me :)  You can watch videos and find loads of information to make YOU the next expert.

3.  You really don't NEED a lot of space... sure the more space you have the more you CAN plant but you can still grow your own green in small spaces by planting them in pots, small and large.  Spices and herbs are specially easy to plant in small pots and you can keep them right in your kitchen near a window. If you have a deck you can use some larger pots to plant tomatoes, lettuce (and all other salad greens like, kale, spinach, etc...)  If you have a yard you can select a spot where you can plant every year as some plants will come back on their own.  I just love how my mint comes back every year, bigger and better!!!
4.  Who said you need a lot of $$ ...a small part of the reason why most of us garden (obviously besides the wonderful pleasure of picking and eating what you have planted and because they are sooo good for your health) that it will save you money too!!! if you can go all summer and early fall without having to run in to the store to get salad greens, herbs and spices that sounds like $avings to me!  Seeds are NOT expensive. I have purchased mine from  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (link to site) and I was very happy with EVERYTHING, from the w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l selection to the prices, delivery and overall results. 

I hope this was helpful to all of you readers and please let me know in the comment section your thoughts and questions. 
Remember: "if it's green and it grows, than is good for you"
Happy Gardening!!
~ Ribas with Love ~

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Como limpar seu figado (Portugues)


Como Limpar seu fígado ~ naturalmente

 Para que precisamos limpar nosso fígado? Seu fígado é responsável pela limpeza de todas as toxinas que você coloca em seu corpo e manter todos os sistemas internos, funcionando perfeitamente. Nossa dieta, poluentes ambientais e nossa crescente dependência dos produtos tóxicos cuidados pessoais e exposição a substâncias tóxicas, em geral, são algumas das razões por que precisamos de LIMPEZA!
Seu fígada funciona para limpar o sangue e remover substâncias tóxicas que comemos, inalamos ou esfregamos sobre nossos corpos. Quando ele está sobrecarregado ou quando você está sob uma quantidade significante de estresse físico ou mental, seu fígado pode esta sobregarregado.
 Vamos aprender  como limpar seu fígado naturalmente.
 ~ Coentro ~ Como sul-americana desde menina que eu gosto de usar esta erva em praticamente tudo para adicionar bom gosto a muitos pratos. Coentro também pode ajudar a remover metais pesados do seu corpo que é algo que seu fígado pode estar tendo dificuldades.
 ~ Água de limão ~ Esta é a minha bebida favorita de manhã por muitas razões uma sendo por sua grande capacidade de desintoxicação do fígado. Experimente um copo de água com suco de meio limão todas as manhãs. Não adicione açúcar. O fígado produz mais enzimas em resposta a água com limão do que com qualquer outro alimento!
~ Alho ~ Alho sempre foi conhecido para dar-lhe "proteção". Crescendo na America do Sul você pode ter visto muitas vezes crianças usando um colar de alho feito caseiro para "proteção". Embora alguns acreditam que para dar a você proteção espiritual alho contém alicina e selênio que são bons para proteção hepática. Adicionar algum alho para sua cozinha para aroma e total proteção.
~ Abacate ~ Contêm compostos que podem proteger o fígado contra danos. Comparado a outras frutas, abacates têm mais capacidade de proteger o fígado de galactosamina, que é uma toxina que produz uma lesão hepática, como hepatite viral humana.
Limpeza do fígado é crucial. Mantendo uma dieta de saúde e evitar a exposição a produtos tóxicos, incluindo seus produtos de cuidados pessoais são importantes para sua saúde geral.
Faça uma escolha saudável todos os dias! passo a passo para uma melhor e mais saudável você.
~ Ribas with Love

Clean your Liver Naturally


Clean Your Liver ~ Naturally
Why do we need to clean our liver? Your liver is responsible for cleaning up all the toxins you put into your body and keeping all internal systems running smoothly. Our diet, environmental pollutants, and our increasing dependence on toxic personal care products and exposure to toxics in general, are a few reasons why we need to CLEAN UP! 
Your liver works to cleanse the blood and remove toxic substances that we’ve eaten, inhaled, or rubbed on our bodies. When it is overworked or when you are under a significant amount of physical or even mental stress, your liver can struggle to keep up.
Lets learn how to clean your liver naturally.
~ Cilantro ~ As a South American girl I like to use this herb in just about everything to add great taste to many dishes.  Cilantro can also help remove heavy metals from your body which is something your liver could be struggling with.
~ Lemon Water ~ This is my favorite morning drink for many reasons one being for its great ability to detox you liver.  Try a glass of water with juice from a half lemon every morning.  Don't add sugar. The liver produces more enzymes in response to water with lemon than to any other food!
~ Garlic ~ Garlic has always been known to give you "protection". Growing up in South-American you would often see kids wearing a homemade garlic necklace for "protection".  Although some believe to give you spiritual protection Garlic contains allicin and selenium which are both good for liver protection.  Add some garlic to your cooking for flavoring and overall protection.
~ Avocado ~ It contain compounds that can protect the liver from damage.  Compared to other fruits avocados have the most ability to protect the liver from galactosamine which is a toxin that produces a liver damage much like human viral hepatitis.
Cleansing your liver is crucial.  Keeping a health diet and avoiding exposure to toxic products including your personal care products are important for your overall health. 
Make a HEALTHY CHOICE everyday! step-by-step to a better and healthier you.
~ Ribas with Love

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Superalimento: Cacao (Portugues)

~ Cacau superalimento ~


Durante uma recente viagem ao Brasil, eu consegui verdadeiramente satisfazer minha "fome" de cacao. Na verdade a foto acima foi tirada minutos depois que eu cheguei, eu simplesmente não podia esperar mais :) Crescendo o cacau foi uma grande parte da minha vida. Muitas vezes sentei-me para apreciar meu cacau enquanto minha avó gritada: "guarda o caroco"...!!!  Nessa epoca eu não conseguia entender porque era tao importante guardar o "caroco”. Bem, aqui está alguns motivos que faz o cacao ser tudo de bom pra saúde e os beneficios que traz!

O que você precisa saber: Chocolate – um superalimento? Acredite! Em seu estado bruto, não transformado, cacau está repleto de nutrientes e benefícios para a saúde. Esta semente verde sul-americano (que é colhida a partir da casca da árvore) é ingrediente de muitas sobremesas desejadas, mas na verdade tem sido usada há séculos no México e Central e América do Sul especificamente para suas propriedades de curas, energização.

Por que você deve EXPERIMENTÁ-lo: Cacau não é apenas um ingrediente gostoso para sobremesa, mas uma fonte rica de antioxidantes e minerais. Em seu estado bruto, cacau aumenta níveis de triptofano e, por consequente, a serotonina, um neurotransmissor que libera endorfinas aumento de humor e proporciona uma sensação de calma em todo o corpo. Seus flavonóides antioxidantes promovem ótima saúde cardiovascular, bem como a luta contra os radicais livres toxinas. Manganês e ferro oxigenar o sangue, magnésio equilibra a química do cérebro e enxofre constrói, pele, cabelo e unhas fortes. Não admira que faz-nos sentir tão bem! Mas a razão número um que você deve tentar o cacau? É delicioso!

Eu amo usar cacau em receitas como pó ou adicionais. Adicionar pó de cacau rico com um smoothie de banana, como este e calmante ricas em minerais, ou adicionar a um doce, pra que mais nutritiva indulgência como pudim de cacau?. Para uma alternativa de microplaquetas de chocolate, experimente adicionar  cacau em tudo! Meu favorito sao os cookies (cocadas) de cacau que têm muito usufruido todos os dias ja que eu trouxe bastante pra casa comigo :)

Espero que tenham gostado de conhecer ~ cacau ~

Ribas with Love


Superfood Cacao

Cocoa (Cacao)

~ Superfood Cacao ~
During a recent trip to Brazil I was able to truly satisfy my cacao "hunger".  In fact the picture above was taken minutes after I arrived, I just could not wait any longer :)  Growing up cacao was a BIG part of my life.  A few too many times I sat enjoying my cacao while my Grandmother yelled: "Save the nut"......!!!  Back than I couldn't understand what was the bid deal about the "nut".  Well, here is the scoop on cacao and all it’s health-bringing benefits!

What You Need To Know: Chocolate – a superfood? Believe it! In its raw, unprocessed state, cacao is filled with nutrients and health benefits. This South American evergreen seed (which is harvested from the tree’s pods) is at the core of many well-loved desserts, but has actually been used for centuries in Mexico and Central and South America specifically for its healing, energizing properties.

WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT: Cacao is not only a yummy dessert ingredient, but a rich source of many antioxidants and minerals. In its raw state, cacao raises levels of tryptophan and therefore serotonin, a neurotransmitter that releases mood-boosting endorphins, and provides a sense of calm throughout the body. Its antioxidant flavonoids promote optimal cardiovascular health as well as fighting free-radical toxins. Manganese and iron oxygenate the blood, magnesium balances brain chemistry and sulfur builds strong nails, hair and skin. No wonder it makes us feel so good! But the number one reason you should try cacao? It’s delicious!

I love to use cacao in recipes as either powder or nibs. Add rich cacao powder to a smoothie, like this calming mineral-rich banana whip-up, or throw in to a sweet, yet nutritious indulgence like raw cacao pudding. For an alternative to chocolate chips, try cacao nibs in everything! My favorite is the cacao cookies which I have been enjoying everyday since I brought a big batch home with me :)
I hope you enjoyed getting to know ~ Cacao ~ 
Ribas with Love