Monday, December 9, 2013

Night Relaxation Routine

  How do you relax and stay focused? 


We are well familiar with long busy and stressful days. It's how we live our lives basically. But have we learned how to release tension, stress and pain ?   I believe a lot of folks are struggling to relax and get a good night of sleep.  A simple night routine can teach your body and mind that its time to shut down.  Sometimes all that's missing is to send a message to your brain that it's time for nite nite!! 

How to do so?  I have many routines I like to follow. Each day is different and so you will learn with time what is that your mind is craving the most. What type of relaxation will work the best for you. 

Tonight for instance I started my routine with some herbal tea. Smell the herbs and let the scents work it's magic (believe me they do!). Chamomile and lavender are specially great for relaxation and sleep aid. My favorite tea is the Herbal Therapy Kit from Herbs Make Scents ( While sipping on my tea I like to burn white sage. Sage is a great spiritual cleanser. If the mood is dark if you are having negative thoughts it if you simply want to clean your home from negative influences sage is your best bet. Now it's a good time to move into a guided meditation. Ask yourself what do you need today. Relaxation. Forgiveness. Abundance. YouTube has a great variety and selection of guided meditation. I'm also a big fan of the Oprah and Deepak Chopra meditation challenge. 

This is one of my routines. I will be back soon to talk about other ideas to relax find focus and balance. 

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~ Ribas with Love 

~ List of Best Holiday Gifts ~
 Greetings readers!  After weeks of work, research and lots of thinking, my list of favorite products 2013 is here just in time for the holidays!  
During this whole year I tried, sampled and purchased many products in search for just the right ones, in an effort to create a healthy atmosphere for myself and my family. I believe in simple living, growing up in Brazil my feet were always on the ground (literally). I ate healthy home cooked meals and lots of fruit everyday.  I didn't depend on much to be happy.   But our world has changed, and I believe that each and one of us have a CHOICE to make and a VOICE  to change the world.  The way we live our lives are a reflect on what we stand for.  The word is AWARENESS ~ and this list is about you being aware of the choices you make, the products you use and companies you support.  
 My intentions were to find products/ brands that works good but also makes an effort to create awareness and bring change into our world
So here is the much anticipated list. This holiday season give the gift of caring!

Best Products 2013!

1. Herbs Make Scents is a Massachusetts family business who uses local resources and fair trade ingredients to make products as Eco friendly as possible!  The bodycare kit makes a fantastic gift all year round.  Make your own lotion, lip balms, perfume or massage balm in handy twist up sticks in lovely soothing scents.  The herbal therapy kit is made with hand selected organic herbs to promote sleep, relieve stress and break habits!  These products are so beautifully put together, the scents are out of this world.  This is what I call a gift of caring!  These two products are sold at Whole Foods Market (Bellingham, MA).  Visit the website for more information and to contact the company directly to find out how you can get your kit.
My great friends at Herbs Make Scents are also responsible for this awesome product ~ the Travel stick S.O.A.P , when I say awesome I mean AWESOME! how many products do you carry with you when you travel? let me guess MANY! My smart friends over at Herbs Make Scents can help us bring down the amount of products to FEW!! this soap in a stick is conveniently made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, Eco friendly, TSA approved, hypo-allergenic in a biodegradable package made in USA.  This is the soap for your hands, your face, your body and your hair!  The travel stick s.o.a.p is the perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season.  Order yours today!
2. Shore Soap Co.  This fantastic product caught my eyes the minute I walked into the store. The soaps are handcraft and made with natural ingredients.  The scents are to die for.  My favorite pick is the solid Shampoo and Conditioner in salty mariner.  This was the very first time I ever used solid Shampoo and Conditioner and to this day is the best thing I ever washed my hair with.    Mix and match scents, soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc... you will even find gifts for man! For more information and purchases visit:


3. ENJO. I was curious about this product because it claims to clean your whole house better than anything else out there, using only the ENJO sponge or glove and water!  If you look it up on youtube you will find many videos, very interesting by the way, that shows how this product works.  OKAY, good enough, but some things you have to try for yourself right? So my friend Farah who is a wonderful team leader for ENJO in Canada was up for the challenge.  Well, where do I start... GREAT, AMAZING... I was speechless! So here is what I found out for myself.  No cleaning product in my house was able to clean my stove top without leave those annoying lines behind and it was always sticky no matter what.  After receiving my product I cleaned my stove top using only water and the result of a effortless cleaning was a shiny stove top no lines, no residues, no stickiness and NO CHEMICALS!! For those who are concerned about the chemical exposure in your home ENJO fiber is the perfect solution to all your cleaning.  That's why ENJO is on my list of the perfect gift for this holiday season. The website is or contact Farah Foster-Manning directly at

4. Herbal Vera Balance and Enhance are two unique formulas designed to bring your metabolism and body into balance at the core of your health.  These guys are my everyday supplement to make sure I get all the nutrients my body needs to work properly.  Before I started taking Balance and Enhace my sugar levels were unbalanced and therefore I was always lacking on energy and constantly hungry, I didn't know why.  I think a lot of people have this problem but don't know what to do about it.  That's why I believe everyone can benefit from this powerful unique formula.  Balance is responsible for controlling your blood sugar, boost energy level, maintain proper weight, curb appetite, balance hormone levels, improve blood lipids, elevate mental focus, reduce stress and sleep better.  While Enhance is responsible to repair and rebuild, burn fat and build lean muscle, increase stamina and endurance, reduce pain and inflammation, promote healthy skin and hair, oxygenate your cells, reduce food cravings, elevate mood and improve digestion! WOW... its a big list of healthy benefits that you can give to yourself and to your loved ones.  I also love this product because is all natural food based.  The website is very descriptive.  Clinical research also available.  Give love by showing you care!

5. Alex and Ani another Rhode Island business made my list whoohoo!!!  What I love about Alex and Ani is that they believe in the power of energy, it is the core company's principle!   These gorgeous bracelets are Eco friendly made entirely with recycled materials and in the USA.  The pieces have powerful spiritual meaning which uplifts and inspire all who wears them not to mention how beautiful they are.  My bracelets are a great accessory to every outfit!  This is a great gift to every gal in your list.  Their original store is located in Newport, RI it is a beautiful store if you ever have a chance to visit.  Right now they are offering free shipping on order over $100

6. Life Factory another wonderful product made in the USA, gotta love the companies that support jobs in our community :) These bottles are made of BPA/ BPS free, phthalate free and polypropylene safe.  Convenient to carry NO SPILLS they have designs and beautiful colors for adults, kids and even baby bottles!!!  I love by bottle and carry it everywhere.  It is the water bottle my kids bring to school and it works great. No spills in their backpack anymore!!!  Right now they are offering $5 flat shipping for all order and free shipping on order over $20.  This is what I call a great gift for yourself and eveyone in your family.

7. Havaianas what can I say about these flip flops... there is a reason why I have been wearing them my whole life and it's simple, they are the best of the best!  Years and years ago these flip flops were only known in Brazil today celebrities are being spotted wearing those adorable flip flops all around the world.  It's because they are good, really really good.  Light, comfortable and stylish.  They are inspired by the Brazilian spirit and way of life.  No matter where I go I carry at least one pair of Havaianas with me. And that's not all, Havaianas have paired up with the Institute for Ecological Research (IPE)which is a non-government organization in Brazil devoted to the conversation of socio-economic benefits through science, education and sustainable business. With Havaianas donating over $1 million dollars to the cause, IPE is able to promote habitat restoration, landscape conservation, education and community involvement. The sustainable initiatives include argo-forestry, organic coffee, tree nurseries and handicrafts using locally grown species!
Havaianas are a great gift all around! Right now they are offering 10% off your 1st order and a free beach towel with purchase of $65 and up!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
Love, Peace and Joy to you all
~ Ribas with Love

Friday, November 29, 2013

Spinach Spaghetti with Sardines

Have you experienced those days when you just don't know what you want to eat? Okay... keep reading... you are hungry but not really... your are not cooking for others, its just you, so you think about skipping dinner all together but you know that's not a good idea.  YES, WE ALL HAVE!!
My suggestion is to make-it-fun!!!  open all your cabinets and see if anything appeals to you right away, if it does, stick with your gut feeling (always do!)
So this is what came up to me :)
Sardines and Spinach Spaghetti!!!!
The next step is to create something fun and yummy off course.  Add your favorite spices, veggies, greens that you can find in your fridge.
I boiled the pasta as instructed in the package.  Next using my favorite pan (cast iron) I sprayed coconut oil. 
Now I added my favorite picks; artichoke, Brussels sprouts and sardines!
This is the result of my 10 minute put together dinner for one!
I am impressed and so excited, I was able to turn around my "maybe-dinner-maybe-skip-it" dilemma into a wonderful delicious and nutritious dinner!
The big reason why I wanted to blog my "dinner dilemma" is because of a couple reasons: 1. We all go thru this one day or another and is NOT A GOOD IDEA TO SKIP MEALS, your metabolism works best if there are no ups and downs (by that I mean one day you eat enough to feed a small army the next day you decide to starve... no no bad idea!).  Keep your meals consistent my friend.  2. Dinner doesn't have to be a half day preparation thing... I mean, it can be and when it is - IS FUN :) but it doesn't have to. You should be able to come up with a simple and nutritional meal in 10 -15 minutes.  3. Make it fun! enjoy what you do when you do.  We seem to have forgotten how to enjoy the simple things, the wonderful smells, tastes and colors.  We go about doing our daily things but our mind is either in the past or the future.  Live now! that's all we have... NOW!  So yes, have fun next time you are having a "dinner-dilemma" :)
Love ~ Hugs ~ Peace
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~ Ribas with Love

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Beans in Jar Decoration
There is never a better time to be crafty than when the weather is cold outside and the holidays are just around the corner. Decorating your home can be very pricy sometimes that's why whenever I can I try to come up with my own ideas.  The internet is a great place to find ideas if you are not a crafty person.
I wanted to create something that has my signature, in another words, something that reflects who I am.  So I decided to use beans and mason jars (love the looks of beans in mason jars) and add a little touch of the Holidays. 
There are so many different kind of beans out there ~ it was fun browsing around my food store to find these three.  I suggest you go to a natural/ healthy store to find a better variety of beans.  You will be amazed how many kinds of beans is out there!
So lets get started.  You can play around with your options but here is what I used:
3 Mason Jars
Red Beans
Green Beans
White Beans
Craft Paper (3 different designs)
Yarn/ Twine
Making it was fun and simple.  Put each color beans in each of the three jar.  Cut out letters to spell the word JOY.  Punch a small hole near the top of each letter.  Put the yarn or twine, which ever one you choose to use, thru the hole and tie it around the top lid of the jar. 
I have my jars on top of my cabinets.  In some houses there is an empty space between the cabinets and the ceiling, that's where mine are right now :)  They look so good up there.  Its probably a safe spot for it too because I am thinking those beans gotta taste soooo good right?  I didn't include in the picture (well not the whole thing) next to my beans jars is my Seeds catalogue, I thought those two should stay together.
Hope you enjoyed crafting with me.  Please leave a comment below, I love to hear from all of you.
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~ Ribas with Love

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Green Beans
What is a holiday table without a green bean dish?  My green bean recipe has a touch of color, taste and holiday magic!  The best part is you can play with it.  Here is how:  See that list of ingredients down there ? You can change the nuts and you can pick the dressing!
This is what I used:
* green beans
* dried cranberries
* sliced almonds
* Italian dressing
Once again I used my cast iron pan. Combined all ingredients.  Cooked for about 8 minutes. DONE!
Now, I recommend that you don't overcook your green beans (or any vegetable). When you overcook them they loose some vitamins and minerals, the taste changes and so does the texture!
Happy Eating ~ Happy Holidays
Ribas with Love

Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Release Stress


This is a subject that never seem to loose its place on top researches, people talk about it all over the world, we don't seem to have had enough. Besides the point of understanding stress we mostly need to learn how to deal with stress specially since it can't be avoided at one point or another, and for some people it is a constant issue. 
 The word stress represents a state of mental or emotional strain or tension.  Since we can't avoid stress in our lives it is time to grasp the concept and learn how to deal with it (and release) stress for once and for all!
Our mind is a very powerful tool! be aware of this and don't think of it in any way less than what is.  Our mind holds the key to all healing.  Once you can understand this concept and start understanding the way it works, you are better able to help yourself. 
So how do we take that and put into practice?  SIMPLE! First is step is to keep this in mind:
~ You have within you all you need to heal yourself to be the best and the happiest that you have ever been ~
Here are a few tools to help release stress:
Eating and exercising I could not start without this very important step.  The first step to a healthy mind is a healthy body (balance).  Eating the right foods and daily exercises will keep your "shell" nice and healthy so that you can enjoy life.  My grandmother always said: "our health is everything" so true!  
Relationships... stay connected to the people around you.  All relationships are important. Researches show that when you talk to your friends and loved ones it releases stress. Whenever possible make some physical contact, sometimes a touch or a hug can be miraculous! 
Nature is empowering! If you follow my facebook page you are familiar with my "hug a tree" posts :) For me a walk barefoot, hugging a tree, the smells (scents) and sounds of nature has an incredible power to release stress. There is a "grounding" feeling that center us in to the universe which help us understand that there are things much bigger and powerful than our worries. I also find gardening very therapeutic (I placed it under the same subject but is a slight different option).  I grew my first garden this summer and cannot say enough how rewarding this experience was.  If you are thinking I wouldn't know where to start, I have a post on ~ How to Grow your Own Greens.  Everyone who practices this has said no different.
Pets! walking and cuddling with your pet can be very calming. The warmth of such friendship can bring joy and therefore be a form of releasing stress.  Next time stress knocks on your door take the dog for a walk, talk to your pet!
Cooking... yes cooking! we all need to eat so why not make it fun and relaxing!  for me the earthy smell when you cut up greens (cilantro..hmm) the pleasure of preparing a meal, feeding your family and yourself, the satisfying feeling after a home prepared healthy meal can certainly take away some the stress I might be going thru.  The point is to do something you enjoy and that can take your mind off of the worrisome thoughts. Ex: (fishing, playing ball, cleaning, fixing, etc...)
Generosity There is something very comforting about being generous.  The fact that you can take your attention away from yourself and whatever you are going thru and put it into something (or someone) else is great!  Generosity is a great exercise for the heart.  We always have something to give, whether in monetary form, time, food, attention, love or many other ways.
Yoga and Meditation last but not least, these two have been used in one way or another for centuries.  Different cultures have used meditation to heal and to find peace.  Yoga is also very empowering, to practice it on a daily basis can bring self awareness, ability to concentrate on the breath and to get centered.  We are much more prone to find the right solution when we can calm our rapid thoughts, break it down into parts and pieces and than create a structured solution (a plan) to deal with the stress you are going thru.
This is my personal list on how to deal with stress.  The key is to find the right tools to CONTROL the stress that comes in.  It's all about the way you respond to things.  Notice how some people never seem have a fall? others never seem to be able to get up? is it luck? NOT LIKELY! In fact luck seem to play a very small roll into our lives.  The difference is in our response. 
I hope this post gave you some good and helpful ideas.  I think these should be practiced on a daily basis to AVOID stress or prevent it from coming to us fast and strong much like a cold.  
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~Ribas with Love
"The same wind blows on us all, the difference in where you arrive in one year, three years, five years, the difference in arrival is not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail" -Jim Rohn


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Penne with Arugula and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
Okay... promise is promise right? So here is the mouthwatering dish I posted this past weekend.  I served it with Sautéed Kale and Green Apples and Salmon.  Delish!!!
What is great about this dish is so easy to make and very tasty.  It can be served warm or cold. The holidays are coming and this is a great dish to bring to party. I know I will!  
These are the ingredients you need:
5 cups arugula
2 cups fresh basil leaves
1 cup walnuts
2 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons lemon juice
3 tablespoons sun-dried tomatoes
1 package whole wheat pasta
In a blender or food processor add 2 cups of the arugula along with the other ingredients, except the pasta. Blend the mixture until all the ingredients are well combined.
Cook pasta according to package instructions.  Drain and rinse.  Toss pasta with pesto and fold in remaining 3 cups of arugula.
You can add more sun-dried tomato if desired. This recipe will also work well if you add your favorite nut, like walnut, cashew or almonds.  Either way this one will be a hit whether you are cooking for the family or bringing this beautiful dish to the party.
Enjoy the meal!
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~ Ribas with Love