Monday, July 15, 2013

List of fruits and veggies that contains the highest amounts of water




Summer days are finally here and as we all look for ways to cook off (and hopefully you will!), there is only so much we can do to keep cool during the work days, right?  So I searched for the most cooling fruits and veggies you can eat.  These fruits and vegetable contain the highest amounts of water, which will keep your body hydrated and it will give you a cooler sensation from inside out J


 Here is the list:


FRUITS                                          VEGETABLES

                          Watermelon                                   Broccoli
                          Strawberry                                      Celery
                          Raspberry                                       Cauliflower
                          Pineapple                                        Cabbage
                          Orange                                            Lettuce
                          Grapefruit                                       Radish
                          Cantaloupe                                      Tomato
                          Apple                                               Zucchini


I am a big fan of ~ MEAL PLANNING ~ (as you can see in my other blog posts Meal Plan and Meal Plan 2) as you start your work day, prepare a variety of these fruits and veggies to snack on during the day.  This will keep you healthy and cool!  ... and hopefully as the weekend arrives you can cool off by the OcEaN or PoOl !!

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~ Ribas with Love ~


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