Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just be yourself ~

 Sometimes you try so hard to be a certain way that you end up loosing your own identity.  If a balanced mind is a happy mind than you should allow yourself to have times of doubt, times of fear, times where you question your path for we are continuously learning during our journey of life.   Be thankful for the struggles and even the people that hurt you, believe it or not they are helping you heal your soul therefore they are doing you a favor :)  GOD is always watching us and HE never leave us alone.  HE knows our path even before we got here and HE loves us just they way we are.  We are asked to be loving and kind not to be perfect so allow yourself to question, to get down sometimes, to be fearful at times and remember that is during these times that you can grow spiritually and be a better and stronger person.  Open your mind, meditate, silence your thoughts and ask GOD to guide you.   Your beautiful soul will work its magic and bring back the smile on to your face before you know it.  Understand that nothing is definite. We are limited to what we can see ahead of us so TRUST that there is something bigger guiding us and watching us. Trust your gut too, its the voice of your higher self, your soul speaking to you. There is history and reasons behind what your gut tells you often times hidden behind your unconscious memory and most important JUST BE YOURSELF ~

peace, love and soul healing to all of you,

Ribas with love
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