Monday, June 3, 2013

Rain of memories...

      How sweet and calming is the sound of rain.  Rain on the roof, rain puddles and splashing!  Often times it brings us lovely memories that will forever be in our heart and will remind us of who we are.  
      Life can take you places you have never imagined before.  It can change the course of your path.  Before you know you are far from where you started and it has shaped you many times in many ways.  It can leave you with a helpless feeling.
      It is important take the time to find yourself, listen to your thoughts, feel what is in your heart.  To make sure you are being "yourself", not what others want you to be.   Loosing your identity can lead to depression.  It is a horrible feeling! 
     Make a point to be with yourself ~ to meditate ...   it is in the silence that you hear your own voice.  Let your thoughts guide you to where your heart is.  If there is one thing you don't want to compromise is YOUSELF.   
     Let the sound of the rain take you back to where you started, to your origin, your true self.
     ~ Ribas with Love ~
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