Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life is a miracle

Sometimes I feel an incredible sense of peace, that I am being watched and taken care of.  That all my worries don't matter for everything will work out the way it has to be.  We are always making so many plans for ourselves and our loved ones, and sure they are filled with good intensions.  But are they really?
~ Our eyes can only see a certain distance right?  when God can see ALL ~ far and wide, hidden in your thoughts, deep in your heart... So what if we TRUST in Him for he knows what is best for us. 
I have recently lived through a situation where I made plans for which I thought was the best for me and my family -but I did put the final decision in to God's hands.   I confess I was disappointed when the results came back and for my surprise we were not chosen. 
My faith has always been a big part of me, it has carried me through many difficult times in my life... and I know without faith and love, for myself, other, life... and GOD I am a lost sheep.
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Ribas with Love

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