Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Going back home

I am going back home...

Dear friends, if you were born outside of your current country and you have a trip planned to go back to the place you once called "home" you are well aware of the "pros and cons" of this situation.  I have lived thru this many times and I can never figure out why I get so anxious, so stressed almost to the point where it is not enjoyable to go back (I said almost, didn't I?).  Off course there is a lot of good stuff to look forward to like seeing your family and friends, revisiting your home, schools, etc... but that sick feeling that sits in your gut doesn't seem to want to go away.

I wanted to share this information because I thought I was the only one dealing with this storm in my head until I started talking to friends about it.  I am opening a discussion for this subject ... so feel free to comment on it, ask questions, give us ideas... but most important I want to let you know that you are NOT THE ONLY ONE feeling this way!

What can you do to help yourself?  For me having a specific plan of where I am staying, the things that I want to do, how am I getting around, etc... helps me a lot because we have a certain amount of independence in our current home country and when we loose that sense of independence we can definitely feel anxious.  We have our routines, we know where to go.  We can almost know exactly what to expect from any given day and for most of us that kind of gives us a sense of control and therefore we can "breath".   I also try to remind myself (and since I have done this before) that everything will work out so enjoy the opportunity and the great experience that you are having.   Another trick I do that works for me and I hope it will work for you is to bring a few items that will, even for a second, give you a sense of "home".  Examples are: your favorite tea, that you drink every morning... keep the routine while you are away as much as possible.  The smell of the tea will instantly give you that familiar feel and it makes you feel calm.  Your favorite soap, again the smell of it will bring you a sense of home, familiarity.   A couple snacks you look forward to eating after a long day at home.  Be creative! we are all different so the trick is to find what will give YOU a sense of home.

Please feel free to share some ideas and experiences with us. 

Happy Travel!!!

Ribas with Love

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