Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Are you choosing to be happy ?
     It is incredible how many people are unhappy these days.  Listen all around you and you will be amazed.  Whether is their financial situation, their relationships or their work life, it seems as there is always something to complaint.   
    What about those who seem to have a smile on their faces everyday, who greet you with pleasant words, those who always have a positive comment to add a compliment to give! Don't they have problems in life? 

    It didn't take me long to realize that ~Happiness~ is a choice!  That's right!  The difference between the sad folks and the happy souls is their outlook in life.  OK. Follow along with me... I promise I have a point.  

    My interest in human behavior started very early in my life, as a little girl I recall reading books that were way out of my league but I truly enjoyed and was deeply interested in understanding PEOPLE. I noticed that some folks no matter what bad happened, it didn't seem to affect them in a way it did others.  On the other hand there were a group of people who complained even thru good times.    Is it a habit? Is it in our DNA's?  I still don't have the answer BUT ~ I know that you do have the choice and what ever you choose, it will either bring you happiness or sorrow.

    That really helped me understand people and myself.   You always have the choice.  At any point in your life you CAN change that.  If you realize that your outlook in life has been dragging you down, you can turn it around. Just like everything else, the more you practice the better you get at it!  In addition to the "glow" you will add to yourself there is the ~ Law of Attraction ~ where it says you attract more of what you are. Isn't that wonderful!!  It is true, it has worked for me and for many others. 

   It is important to understand that having a positive and optimistic outlook doesn't mean you won't go thru hardship for it is the way of life.  It is thru hardship where we LEARN and GROW spiritually.  The difference is in the way you will deal with it.

   So put on your best smile and get out there.  Be kind, be gentle.  Give without expecting.  Love without fear.  Most of us aren't being the best we can be.  How do you want your next few year to be... ?  If the last few years didn't work in your favor, What are you going to do to make sure the next few years are BETTER!!!?

   ~ Ribas with Love

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